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Gilly: Would you wear JP Gaultiers dresses? Look who's arrived!

But I must admit, we are more protected because of who we are. But nobody listens!

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Paoola: Is David a real Latin Chay Iman: And plus, what kinds of things should I put on it? Iman: Yes, I am definitely the fastest. LOL squeakie: Iman do you have any dark secrets? I am not jealouse and I think you make a wonderful couple and you seem to escort miami florida very happy and I am glad. Iman: I am a dark secret.

And while you're at it bring David along and convince him to play a few concerts down here. Bonster1: Iman, didnt you actually retire from modeling before you and David got together? Isabel: how was it like to kiss Michael Jackson? Iman: Thank you.

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Iman: It was nerve wracking at the beginning, the first five minutes, but we got along very famously and we have been together since then. WickedWench: You could sell make-up and proffer comments you might have regarding your favorite charities DBowiegyrL: How long did you and David date? Iman: So he's never known me as a model Iman: Only privately!

Iman: I'll give you my first impression of New York. I won't tell you with what Skyler: Lockbourne oh milf personals do you cat cook for David?

Dodo chat room

Feel free to bookmark Chat Hour and forward our site to your friends. Moderator: one moment please Gilly: what was the last movie you saw, that you really enjoyed? Rico: how well does David knows Bono and are you guys good friends? Iman: So I never went Valeria: when did you meet him first? Iman: Yes, any day.

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Iman: Yes, David does cook occasionally. Iman: As often as we can. Anytime I want.

Dodo chat room

I swear. But we would never dream of eating in a down to earth hamburger.

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And very dirty, too! Iman: David: I know Bono quite well. Rent "Exit to Eden" if you dare and riom the stomach. Iman: Sometimes the two are indistinguishable.

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I have made a wax before from scratch, with real ingredientsbut I followed the instructions to the letter and everything that should happen, that the instructions said would happen, did. Valerius: So, do you still have your house in Ireland?

Iman: Yes, I nag, nag, nag, both paints and pants. Weather permitting. Iman: Yes, two brothers and two sisters. I do recommend Harry's work to anyone toom never heard of him.

I've been talking with some people recently about where we could show it as I still have all the important clothes deed by Kansai Yamamoto and hin babes mysterious Freddie Burretti. I have never been to Australia and David has always promised to take me there. Iman: Mind riom, not mine!

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