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Please feel free to support flashchat.


It has much faster loading speed. Step 2 : Copy "html" directory Copy the "html" directory in the installation pack into your web directory. Colorful skins: blue, orange, etc. You don't have to change this port if you haven't change the frew in configuration file fcserver.

There are situations as follows: 1 Host value If the url your flash client used is your hostname, eg. It can establish connection within 2 seconds even with dial-up connection. Small in filesize- about 13kb.

Backend Java chat server, which is fast, stable and has high load support. Step 3 : Edit client. The host value could be the host name of the chat server, or your IP address.

123 flash chat room free

Note: Please only copy "html" directory there, DONNOT copy other files to protect them from being downloaded by chatters, which is very insecure. We offer installation service to flashchat software buyer.

123 flash chat room free

Publish Chat Introduction FlashChat has chat client alternatives which can be as small as an ad banner. We recommend apache --a professional web server which is free of charge and support all kinds of operation systems.

123 flash chat room free

You can choose one to match your website. For advanced setting, please check manual.

123 flash chat room free

Moreover, the IP address to which this domain name directs to must be the IP address of the server machine on which you've started chat server. When you're in trouble, please support flashchat. Benefits Banner Chat Module You can place a tiny chatroom on sales or technique support of your products or service, and your live supporter can real-time communicate with every visitor, turning potential into profit and increase customer satisfaction.

A quick start to embed flash chat room into your web : Step 1 : Web server You must firstly have a web server. You must be very careful about two values in this process, the host value and the port value. If not, please frew one server before you go forward.

123 flash chat room free

Small and neat, can be easily embedded anywhere, but with the basic functions. The pot value must be in accordance with the one in the fcserver.

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