Get short URL MSM circles the wagons after Sanders jab at WaPo, comparing him with Bad Orange Man © Reuters / Scott Morgan / Jonathan Ernst 29 Follow RT onRT Mainstream media has stepped up its attacks on Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders after he slammed the Washington Post for biased coverage of his campaign, calling him “dangerous” and likening him to Trump. Sanders “is continuing to undermine the institution of the press by suggesting to people that we can’t make editorial decisions for ourselves because the corporate leaders, owners, dictate for us,” CNN’s Dana Bash complained on Monday, deftly conflating “the press” with “corporate-owned mainstream news” after Sanders suggested the Washington Post’s relentlessly negative coverage of his campaign was revenge for his attacks on owner Jeff Bezos’ Amazon and the “corporate media.” The Hill ✔ @thehill Senator Bernie Sanders: “Amazon made $10 billion dollars in profit last year. You know how much they paid in taxes? You got it, zero. And we wonder why the Washington Post is not one of my great supporters, I wonder why.” Embedded video 238 11:33 PM – Aug 13, 2019 Twitter Ads info and privacy 162 people are talking about this Sanders’ criticism of the Post wasn’t just dangerous, Bash warned – it was “very similar to what Trump is doing.” Never mind that Sanders calls himself a Democratic Socialist while Trump dredges up the specter of socialism only to wring a few “boos” from an audience, or that Sanders was skewering Goldman Sachs while Trump was populating his cabinet with its former executives – both were flogging the same “conspiracy theory,” the CNN panel agreed, echoing the words of WaPo executive editor Marty Baron, who issued a statement to CNN on Monday in response to Sanders’ jabs insisting that Bezos “hasn’t once intervened in any way” in the paper’s coverage. Sanders had called out Bezos and the Post by name during two recent campaign rallies in New Hampshire, pointing out that the richest man in the US’ retail powerhouse had paid $0 taxes last year – and joking that his refusal to let Amazon off the hook wasn’t winning him any points with Bezos’ news outlet. During the second rally, he threw in a dig at the New York Times as well, but it was deemphasized in order to give the mainstream media ample opportunity to lump him in with the Bad Orange Man. “Large corporations own the media in America, by and large, and I think there is a framework, about how the corporate media focuses on politics…It’s not that Jeff Bezos is on the phone every day,” Sanders said on Tuesday, clarifying his remarks and taking the obligatory whack of penance at Trump for calling the mainstream media the “enemy of the people” – “a disgusting remark which undermines American democracy,” the senator sniffed. ALSO ON RT.COM Facebook ‘News’: A bold step toward total control of reality? While Sanders and Trump have both called out the mainstream media for unfair reporting, their explanations have little in common. During the second round of Democratic debates on CNN, Sanders went after moderator Jake Tapper, pointing out that CNN is heavily subsidized by pharmaceutical industry dollars – so of course they’re not going to give positive coverage to a candidate whose platform includes “taking on the drug companies.” Trump, on the other hand, has painted a picture of a mainstream media determined to take him out by any means necessary – motivated less by corporate than political interests and manipulated by the alleged Deep State interests that brought the country Russiagate. And like Trump, Sanders has plentiful grounds for complaint. WaPo, especially, has a history of attacking the Vermont senator, once running 16 negative stories about his campaign in the space of 16 hours during the 2016 election season. For 2020, the New York Times assigned a former BlackRock hedge-funder to cover Sanders; Sydney Ember has larded her supposedly neutral pieces with quotes from corporate lobbyists, Clinton superPAC-men, and pro-austerity think-tankers, all hostile to Sanders’ ideas. Not to be outdone, an April op-ed from WaPo attacked Sanders as “the Donald Trump of the left” whose “Democratic credentials” are “suspect” for pinning the US’ suffering on “billionaires.” A disclaimer at the bottom acknowledges the author is married to a staffer for John Hickenlooper, a rival for the 2020 Democratic nomination. ALSO ON RT.COM Latest wealth figures: Greed is winning & humanity is losing Calling out the mainstream media for pushing ideas toxic to the majority of the country is not the sole province of left or right – indeed, candidates from both parties would be wise to get involved in intelligent media criticism if they hope to connect with voters sick of being lied to. But few are willing to bite the hand that feeds them – meaning negative coverage could be seen as a sign of integrity. Helen Buyniski Helen Buyniski is an American journalist and political commentator, working at RT since 2018 Like this story? Share it with a friend! 29 Follow RT onRT Trends: Bernie Sanders news US news

5 facts confirming just HOW incredibly wealthy the world’s richest families are
Ever wondered how rich the richest families are? Like how many planes they could purchase every hour? Then look no further because the latest report listing the world’s wealthiest dynasties is enough to turn you capitalist.

Bloomberg has released its annual tally of the 25 wealthiest dynasties on the planet. While not exactly shocking, the reminder that an incomprehensible amount of money is controlled by such a small minority of people remains … unsettling.

Nobody particularly wants to feel completely at the mercy of the world’s ‘elite’, so we’ll just leave these facts here:

1. The 25 wealthiest dynasties on the planet control about USD$1.4 trillion. Up 24 ($250 billion) percent from last year, that figure is, quite literally, growing every second but for now it’s just under the nominal GDP of Australia. The 13th richest country in the world with about 25 million inhabitants. Yeah, that one.

ALSO ON RT.COM‘Instagram Rich List’ shows Ronaldo can earn almost $1mn per post as clout of top stars revealed2. The richest so-called ‘dynasty’ on the coveted Bloomberg list is the family behind the quintessential American experience, Walmart. Yes, the Walton family gained the top spot by reportedly earning a “mind-boggling $70,000 per minute, $4 million per hour, $100 million per day.

3. Mind-boggling indeed. For scale, the hourly rate for a new Walmart employee is $11. To be fair to the Walton’s, that figure does jump exponentially when you consider the average salary of all full-time Walmart employees. At an hourly rate of $14.26, it translates to less than $30,000 per year – or the equivalent of about 25 seconds of Walton ‘work’.

ALSO ON RT.COMSoros & US billionaires call for new wealth tax; public reacts with instinctive skepticism4. America’s richest 0.1 percent now control more wealth than any other time since 1929. To boot, the top 0.1 percent is comprised of fewer than 200,000 families, but own as much as the bottom 90 percent including 110 million households.

5. The Mars family, the ones responsible for establishing snacks like Snickers, M&Ms and Milky Way, came in at a lackluster number 2 on the list for their mere net worth of $126 billion. That is, however, enough to buy a couple hundred billion chocolate bars, or feed 17 million Americans three meals a day for a year.

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